May Day on the 1st is also Beltane the pagan celebration of the coming of summer, at last.
Hal-an-Tow! Jolly Rumble-O!

It is International Workers Day where we can continue to celebrate all equality.

And Dawn Chorus Day, however, it’s in the evenings when you’ll hear the Nightingales sing even if you can’t spot them, the open fields above Frieth are a good place to look.

The month starts and ends with a New Moon, the latter one to focus your dreams on, and excitingly we have a total lunar eclipse on the 16th,

The Mother’s Moon, unfortunately, it’s at 4am. Gardeners and vignerons need to watch out for the Ice Saints’ St Mamertus, St Pancras and St Servatius 11th, 12th, and 13th, who sometimes herald a cold snap,
beautifully named Blackthorn Winter and can bring the final frosts of spring, hasn’t there been so many this year?

Once past let the planting Mayhem begin.


In addition to Asparagus and wild garlic, we’ve got the first of the Peas and Broad Beans that Pete has put accompany to the Braised Lamb Cappelletti’s.

The first Watercress is seen in a Velouté
with a poached egg.

And Scott’s so pleased with the quality of the Cumbrian Lamb, we’ve got Breast & Faggots,
Croquettes, and a Mini Kebab on the bar menu.


It’s Natural wine Month,
so we’re going to attempt to do
31 different wines through the month
by the glass – so we need your help.

Anyone who would like to know
more about the wonderful world of
Natural Wines can go to a show dedicated to it.

Cocktail of the Month Elderflower Sima

A homemade lightly fermented honey traditional to Finnish Mayday celebrations

(we’re adding the English Elderflowers when they arrive)
and your choice of Chase Vodka or Gin.

So May the 4th be with you!

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