At The Oarsman

March came in like a lion and left like a lamb albeit for a sprinkle of snow, now April brings us many things to look forward to; The Grand National, St Georges mushrooms, The Asparagus season starts on St Georges Day and ends on the summer solstice in June – so they say.

A new moon on the 1st is thought to pertain, creativity, fun and courage – we’ll go with that.

The Budding Moon on the 16th signals Easter, being the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox – obviously, and that is the very next day!

So much to do, and whilst we do, listen out for the first Cuckoo that traditionally sing from St Tiburtius Day on 14th to St John’s Day in June – they’ve eluded me for decades.

And another new moon on the 30th is good for making practical plans.

We’ve got Lamb from the Lakes, Crab from Cornwall, Garlic from Hambleden, Royal spuds from Jersey, Devon Sprats, Rhubarb from Yorkshire and N’duja from Gloucestershire all making appearances as of this week.

We’re going with these new wines by the glass
2020 La Brise Marine, Château La Negly a rich Roussanne from the Languedoc
2015 Barolo, Badarina from Reverdito a fine example of Nebbiolo with a few years bottle age drinking beautifully.

Cocktail of the Month – Blood Orange and Ginger, Hereford Hinny. (An English Mule to boycott Moscow)

And lastly, a beautifully bright beer from Ringwood Brewery.

So dodge the showers and we’ll see you soon!

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